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Soil Stabilisation

In order to use more sustainable construction methods, McSweeney Bros provide a soil stabilisation service which is a method of improving soil properties by blending and mixing other materials in order to strengthen road surfaces.

Soil stabilisation by Lime treatment can be achieved by applying a controlled dose of quicklime, hydrated lime or liquid lime to soil.

The process is simple and can range from basic plough and disc harrow through to purpose built lime spreaders and rotovator. This allows lime treatment work to be carried out from small to large sized sites.

soil stabilisation

Soil stabilisation is a modern efficient method of recycling and strengthening inert and contaminated soils. Wet conditions and weak clay soils are stabilised by rotorvating specially formulated quicklime into the soil. Once treated and conditioned, clay soil can be further strengthened with the addition of cement combined with sustainable materials such as recycled aggregates, producing a highly effective and economical foundation.

Soil stabilisation enables us to use all site materials and eliminates the removal of unstable or unsuitable material from site, such as soft clay, wet sands or gravel and eliminates the need to import good fill. This in turn helps to reduce:

  • The overall project costs.
  • Waste going to landfill.
  • Transportation which minimises movement and disturbance.
  • Carbon emissions
  • Aggregate and Landfill taxes.
soil stabilisation
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