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Road Recycling

Road Recycling

In the last number of years McSweeney Bros has made substantial investments in recycling equipment to ensure highest service to all clients. Road recycling allows vehicles to continue to use the existing roadway while fixing more miles than conventional replacement allows.

The machinery list includes:


  • Cement Spreader
  • New Holland Grader
  • New Wirgten WR2000 In-situ Recycling Machine

The Wirgten WR2000 In-situ Recycling Machine uses bitumen and hydraulically bound materials. The recycling process involves simultaneously rendering the current road pavement materials by means of pulverising the pavement into granulates while homogenously mixing in binding agents and controlling moisture content. This method will produce and lay the new pavement material mix in just one single pass. It is also capable of producing new pavement material with either foam mix bitumen or bitumen emulsion binders. This machine also enables us to print out reports as and when required.

Road recycling is an environmentally and financially beneficial solution to roadway maintenance and reconstruction.

Road Recycling In Progress

There are considerable savings to be had in the need for imported materials, energy and lorry movements.

  • Recycling in situ materials conserves natural resources
  • Fewer disposals are needed to scarce landfill sites
  • Fewer lorry movements means energy savings and reduced impact on local community
  • Carbon footprint is reduced as the fast construction process means less emissions from fuel consumption
  • Reduced energy consumption by up to 60% in the total construction cycle when compared to conventional road surfacing treatments
  • Swifter turnaround for greater productivity
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